As you scroll down through this Web Brochure, you’ll see why so many people choose
Disc Jockeys Now
“Great DJ’s, Great Price, Just Nice People to Work With.”

Call Right Now and Get This Week’s
$395/4 hrs DJ Special
Only one per future date so call NOW!

**Value: Our Internet Special of $395 for 4 hours (Some Busy Dates are 5 Hours Minimum). It is the best value in Disc Jockeys today. And right now you can add extra hours for only $50 dollars each. If you need a great DJ at a great price. That’s what we do, call now!

Also, we don’t charge extra for things that shouldn’t be “extra”:

-Wireless Microphone is included

-Our Set up time is included

-Our Tear Down time is included

-Reasonable Travel is included (up to 40 miles one way)
Call Right Now and Get This Week’s
$395/4 hrs DJ Special
Only one per future date so call NOW!
$395 for 4 hrs $675 for 4 hrs $280
$445 for 5 hrs $750 for 5 hrs $305
$495 for 6 hrs $825 for 6 hrs $330


**Quality: Don’t listen to us on this one. Check out our references. We list just a few below and hundreds more on our website but our DJ’s have earned many thousands more over the years. A great DJ guarantees you a quality performance.

-We were so pleased by his professionalism, attitude and attire. Brittany & Larry Muldoon

-This is the second time I’ve seen a DJ from your company and you were both terrific. Stephie Hall

-My only regret is that it’s over. I wanted it to last and last. Oh well, on to the honeymoon Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Julie Bassinger

-The young kids packed the dance floor but it worked for the older folks too. Dawn Varner

-Hands down, best party I have ever been at. Ellen Moeller

-Did you see my dad? You got him to dance for the first time since HIS wedding. Gail McQueen

-What a great entertainer what a great effort. He pleased everyone regardless of age. Tammi Canter

-You got everybody up without having to play any trash. It worked out so well. Mr & Mrs Michael Rollins

-Best DJ of all time. You were awesome. Anyone who uses you won’t be disappointed. Carson Martin & Kevin Wade

-My parents said that it was the best part of the wedding. Cindy Nagel

-I danced my butt off and so did my friends. They didn’t shut up about it for a month. Lol. Jared & Kathy Hartman

-I would have paid much more and still felt I had gotten a good deal. Terrific DJ! Tammy & Brad Johnson

-Everyone commented on how the Disc Jockey really made the party fun. Erin Stoddard & Cal Ridge

-My dj played a perfect mix of music for everyone. Sarah & Oscar Behm

-Your office staff people were so nice and the Disc Jockey was just as nice. Hollie & Virgil Feldman

-Hundreds more references are on our website.


**Guaranteed Performance: Wow are we different on this one! We don’t just guarantee it, we let YOU CONTROL it. Only we can make this claim: Our DJ does not get paid unless you say so! That’s right! Before the event we email you a PAYMENT VOUCHER NUMBER and after your event, you give him that number only if he pleased you. If not we’ll touch base later when it’s convenient for you to discuss it.

**Selection: You decide what songs our Disc Jockey plays. Pick from our huge online songlist. Just pick a few or browse for hours. You decide.

Our DJ wants to play the songs that YOU want. Not the songs that he wants.

As soon as you reserve your DJ with us with give you access to the best event planning tools in the DJ business.

**Experience: Our DJ’s are qualified, trained professionals who take good care of their sound systems because they belong to them, so you don’t have to worry about breakdowns or poor sound. Just quality sound from the music and the mic. And our NO TRAINEE PLEDGE: We never send a trainee to anyone’s event EVER. Wouldn’t you rather your event be the DJ’s 300th and not his third?

**Confidence: Why hire a photographer when a friend can use their cell camera? Using a DJ friend or I Pod is just as crazy. An iPod wedding means an empty dance floor and big gaps in the music while 3 people argue over what song to play next. You need professionals; from your Photographer to your DJ. Go with a professional and you’ll have the confidence to live in the moment, YOUR moment of a lifetime on YOUR Big Day..

Here are just a few other important considerations:

-We are a full-time DJ company. When you call us, email us or text us, you deserve answers NOW. We won’t keep you waiting for a response until we take our lunch break at the local muffler shop.

-When you call you get a real human being. None of that annoying “Press 1 for this and Press 2 for that” that we all hate! And we always pay for the call with our convenient toll-free line 1-800-431-0895.

-Our DJ’s are NOT the star of the show. YOU ARE.

-They don’t point at people menacingly
because “it looks cool”

Disc Jockeys Now DJ Disc Jockeys Now DJ

-They don’t talk with their fingers or say “Yo” a lot. (If someone wants to hire
Randy Jackson, they can contact him via “American Idol” right?)


Disc Jockeys Now DJ No Yo from our Disc Jockeys


-They don’t appear young enough to be your ring bearer! (Cute but unqualified)

Disc Jockeys Now DJ in tuxedo Disc Jockeys Now too young DJ


-They don’t talk with that “Hey, I’m Mr. DJ” voice we all hate!

Disc Jockeys Now DJ New Disc Jockeys Now DJ

We are only as good as our DJ’s performances, so we sweat the details.
We rely on you being pleased for our company to be successful. We take
it very seriously so that you can RELAX and have fun at your event.

So please call us at



to reserve your DJ today!

We look forward to YOU being our next happy customer! Thank You!