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Here are testimonials from customers who were kind enough to send ‘em to us! Hundreds more are available by request!

The DJ guy was cool. He kept it goin all nite. I have given your phone number to many friends. -Don & Ann Baker

OMG I Would not change a thing. We were really pleased. -Fawn & James Watkins

The groom and I want to express our heart felt thanks for everything you did for us. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. -Cyndy & Chuck Sulek

On a scale from 1 to 10, he was a 16!!!!!!!!! We made the right choice. -Debbie & Ryan Miller

Blown away man. Way too good. Way too much fun. I’m TIRED from dancing. We were in good hands all night. -Chuck Poppe

EVERY guest said Best party ever. Totally cool and a totally phenomenal job. -Randy Bauer and wife Jessie

We were so pleased by his professionalism, attitude and attire. -Brittany & Larry Muldoon

He was there playing our tunes when we arrived and did a wonderful job. We would like to recommend you to friends. We are so happy. -Mary Beth Kilburn

He kept the crowd active and engaged. He got everyone going early and just kept the hits coming all night. -Dottie England

Your Disc Jockey was terrific and soooo cute! He was the perfect addition to our party. -Kathleen Fischer

The dance floor stayed full the entire time. He made the event flow so nice and smooth. -Kendra Young and husband Matt

No one sat down for like 12 songs in a row. When you slowed it down people were still wanting to boogie, but we needed a break! Thanks. Then you picked right up again and again. -Ruthie Turner

No way you guys only charge as much as you did. You made the party TIGHT man! -Rob Staley

Far out, Super, Awesome, Great! What’s left to say? How about THANKS!!!!!!! Your DJ was the coolest ever. -Kelly & Dale Fox

Very nice job and we will recommend. -Angel & Hank Bader

We’ll tell everyone about the DJ he was the best part of the reception. -Martie & Don Ahmed

I love how he played songs everyone liked. Very well done. -Cindi Schalf

I can’t think of anything he could have done better. Just great. -Jodie Rakel

Awesome performance and right on time all nite. Spectacular performance. -Maranda Tomlin & Jim Kline

Perfect DJ for any occasion. Just wonderful. So pleased. -Mikala Nurre

My wife and I are very blessed to have had you are our event. He did everything asked of him politely and immediately. -Van Lee

Commendable Job, everyone enjoyed it very much. Thank you’s are not adequate. We were so much more than pleased. -Ellie Jansen & Greg

Top shelf all the way. Thanks to you. -Ann Bach

My Disc Jockey was perfectly helpful in every way. -Amy & Joseph Alderson

We rate him 10 out of 10 because he brought people out on the dance full in huge numbers like we have never seen. -Tony & Angie Beasley

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Not your stereotypical D.J.The dance floored was jammed the entire time. -Sara & Herm Davis

When we booked you guys we knew you wouldn’t let us down and you didn’t. we got to work with a great DJ.Great Job. -Connie Grace

Tight man totally sick, me and my woman thank you. You sure made me look good with her because I picked you. -Eli Lewis

This is a great way to start a married life. Your DJ stands out above the crowd. We feel like we made a new friend. Thanks. -Marc & Jenny Hobbs

You pleased everyone and we had such a wide variety of ages that I hardly thought it possible to do so, yet you did; Thank You again. -Pearl Gregory

I thought the night went well. People seemed to enjoy themselves a great deal. -Bonnie Klein

Half way through the dance, we were already tired we had danced so much. We really had a fun time. -Jon Barnes


The DJ can make or break the whole thing and he was Da Bomb. It was Da Bomb. -Leroy & Marilyn Bradshaw

Party of the century. We had the party of the CENTURY. -Kimberly Bley

All throughout the formalities, the DJ was most helpful. Then when the dancing started the fun began and really never stopped until the hall employees told us we had to leave. -Patty Long and Jim Long

Our Discjockey was very nice and very accomadating to all our needs. It was our dream night. -Brett & Trudy Orme

A great deal for the price we paid. -Tina & Gary Mains

Why would you book anyone else? We’ll tell others. Thank You. -Trisha Rouse

A bargain at twice the price and a great job by all. -Louise Zembrodt

Fantasmigorical. Supercalafragilistic. And all that other stuff. -Gislle Vogt

WOW I am sooo stoked. We all had a good time. -Denise Scott

Nothing but love for ya bro. Nothin but love. -Denny Smith

We are very grateful for all you’ve done for us. -Don Gabbard & Wife Trina

We have a lot of good memories of tonite. ? Thanks. -Sharon Elam & husband Danny

As they say in the song: I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s fun to hear all the positive comments we get. -Aaron & Patricia Anne Dixon

Our first dance was so perfect. Thank you for doing it the way we asked. -Jilian Gon

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