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Here are a few hundred Testimonials from Customers
who were kind enough to send ‘em to us

-The DJ guy was cool. He kept it goin all nite. I have given your phone number to many friends. -Don & Ann Baker

-OMG I Would not change a thing. We were really pleased. -Fawn & James Watkins

-The groom and I want to express our heart felt thanks for everything you did for us. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. -Cyndy & Chuck Sulek

-On a scale from 1 to 10, he was a 16!!!!!!!!! We made the right choice. -Debbie & Ryan Miller

-Blown away man. Way too good. Way too much fun. I’m TIRED from dancing. We were in good hands all night. -Chuck Poppe

-EVERY guest said Best party ever. Totally cool and a totally phenomenal job. -Randy Bauer and wife Jessie

-We were so pleased by his professionalism, attitude and attire. -Brittany & Larry Muldoon

-He was there playing our tunes when we arrived and did a wonderful job. We would like to recommend you to friends. We are so happy. -Mary Beth Kilburn

-He kept the crowd active and engaged. He got everyone going early and just kept the hits coming all night. -Dottie England

-Your Disc Jockey was terrific and soooo cute! He was the perfect addition to our party. -Kathleen Fischer

-The dance floor stayed full the entire time. He made the event flow so nice and smooth. -Kendra Young and husband Matt

-No one sat down for like 12 songs in a row. When you slowed it down people were still wanting to boogie, but we needed a break! Thanks. Then you picked right up again and again. -Ruthie Turner

-No way you guys only charge as much as you did. You made the party TIGHT man! -Rob Staley

-Far out, Super, Awesome, Great! What’s left to say? How about THANKS!!!!!!! Your DJ was the coolest ever. -Kelly & Dale Fox

-Very nice job and we will recommend. -Angel & Hank Bader

-We’ll tell everyone about the DJ he was the best part of the reception. -Martie & Don Ahmed

-I love how he played songs everyone liked. Very well done. -Cindi Schalf

-I can’t think of anything he could have done better. Just great. -Jodie Rakel

-Awesome performance and right on time all nite. Spectacular performance. -Maranda Tomlin & Jim Kline

-Perfect DJ for any occasion. Just wonderful. So pleased. -Mikala Nurre

-My wife and I are very blessed to have had you are our event. He did everything asked of him politely and immediately. -Van Lee

-Commendable Job, everyone enjoyed it very much. Thank you’s are not adequate. We were so much more than pleased. -Ellie Jansen & Greg

-Top shelf all the way. Thanks to you. -Ann Bach

-My Disc Jockey was perfectly helpful in every way. -Amy & Joseph Alderson

-We rate him 10 out of 10 because he brought people out on the dance full in huge numbers like we have never seen. -Tony & Angie Beasley

-Not your stereotypical D.J.The dance floored was jammed the entire time. -Sara & Herm Davis

-When we booked you guys we knew you wouldn’t let us down and you didn’t. we got to work with a great DJ.Great Job. -Connie Grace

-Tight man totally sick, me and my woman thank you. You sure made me look good with her because I picked you. -Eli Lewis

-This is a great way to start a married life. Your DJ stands out above the crowd. We feel like we made a new friend. Thanks. -Marc & Jenny Hobbs

-You pleased everyone and we had such a wide variety of ages that I hardly thought it possible to do so, yet you did; Thank You again. -Pearl Gregory

-I thought the night went well. People seemed to enjoy themselves a great deal. -Bonnie Klein

-Half way through the dance, we were already tired we had danced so much. We really had a fun time. -Jon Barnes


-The DJ can make or break the whole thing and he was Da Bomb. It was Da Bomb. -Leroy & Marilyn Bradshaw

-Party of the century. We had the party of the CENTURY. -Kimberly Bley

-All throughout the formalities, the DJ was most helpful. Then when the dancing started the fun began and really never stopped until the hall employees told us we had to leave. -Patty Long and Jim Long

-Our Discjockey was very nice and very accomadating to all our needs. It was our dream night. -Brett & Trudy Orme

-A great deal for the price we paid. -Tina & Gary Mains

-Why would you book anyone else? We’ll tell others. Thank You. -Trisha Rouse

-A bargain at twice the price and a great job by all. -Louise Zembrodt

-Fantasmigorical. Supercalafragilistic. And all that other stuff. -Gislle Vogt

-WOW I am sooo stoked. We all had a good time. -Denise Scott

-Nothing but love for ya bro. Nothin but love. -Denny Smith

-We are very grateful for all you’ve done for us. -Don Gabbard & Wife Trina

-We have a lot of good memories of tonite. 🙂 Thanks. -Sharon Elam & husband Danny

-As they say in the song: I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s fun to hear all the positive comments we get. -Aaron & Patricia Anne Dixon

-Our first dance was so perfect. Thank you for doing it the way we asked. -Jilian Gon

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-The Dj was eager to please us and that’s great. -Terri & Jon Johnston

-Good stuff man. Keep it up. Thanks again. -Marty Parker

-You deserve this tip. Spend it on something fun for yourself. -Bev & Roy Masters

-On a scale from 1 to 10, a definite 9.5 only because I never give out 10’s. -Mike Pryor

-We told you grandma would dance if you played that song! We love you! -Nancy & Ron Young

-You are the best DJ I have ever seen. Omg you rock. -Gayle & Justin Kaiser

-This is the second time I’ve seen a DJ from your company and you were both terrific. -Stephie Hall

-Our reception was perfect and way to much fun. -Lynn & Hal Witt

-Where did the night go? Time flies when you are having this much fun. -Lisa Jacobs

-My only regret is that it’s over. I wanted it to last and last. Oh well, on to the honeymoon Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Julie Bassinger

-My wedding day was made by your DJ and his attitude and desire to please. -Joy Holthaus

-These memories will last forever. We had such a good time… -Dede & Steve Guenther

-Truly a good value for the money you charged us. We enjoyed it. -Jim & Pamela White

-Sorry about my uncle. He was so drunk. You handled it great though. Great Times!!! -Carly Kemper

-I can’t name a thing he did wrong and a 100 things he did right. -Rose Drake

-Yeah you can count me as a satisfied customer. Very satisfied. -David Ballinger

-Tonight has been like a dream come true for me. Thank You for helping to make my dream possible. Now it’s off to Florida! -Judy Falco

-We want to recommend you to all our friends. I know of three that still need a DJ. -Lindsey & Paul Nelson

-What a great disc jockee we had. You were just great. Great great. -Matt & Elise Reeves

-DUDE YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Mark Finley

-Song selection was just right for the mix of ages we had. -Dan & Jill Cunningham

-Your performance couldn’t be more perfect. -Sally & Larry Amshoff

-Actually you are the most talented performer I have ever seen and to think that I had you at my wedding. -Jenny Allen

-If we have a party for our anniversary, we are going to pick you to be our DJ. -Will & Tiffany Landers

-You were awesome you played something for everybody and I know they appreciated it. Thanks for your guidance and patience. -Jill Huff

-The young kids packed the dance floor but it worked for the older folks too. -Dawn Varner

-Just wonderful. I am speechless. Enjoy the tip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Lana & Jeff Shaw


-Super job, simply a super super job tonite. -Audrey & Roger Bayless

-I love you man! You’re the best. -Charlie & Kindra Payton

-Hands down, best party I have ever been at. -Ellen Moeller

-Did you see my dad? You got him to dance for the first time since HIS wedding. -Gail McQueen

-Me and the wife : ) just want to say thanks again for everything. -Tim McKinley

-I know tipping is not required but we don’t know how else to thank you. -Melissa & John Jenkins

-What a great mix of songs. Everybody loved it. Thanks for your guidance and patience. -Frank Eubanks

-Monster party guys! Really great and we appreciate it. -Anne & Hubby Mike Getz

-You rock as a DJ tellin everybody about it and then some. -Marti & Art Cox

-“Rockin the house all nite long. Play me another song…” -Brittney Fedders

-Aint gonna forget this night we had so much fun. -Vince Hurst

-Mucho Mucho Grande We never stopped having fun. -Anna Lukens

-Really dug your tunes dude my parents even noticed and they’re pretty out of it. -Robbie & Sally Hehman

-The alligator routine on the floor during “Shout” was too much. I’m still laughing. -Mary Obrien

-I’m glad you gave me the chance to tell you how happy I was with your service 10 outta 10. -Tonya Salas

-No doubt best party ever and I mean EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Sara Aulick & Husband Jon

-Perfect Performance!!!!!!! Great for any special occasion. -Katt & Randy Bahr

-Best DJ of all time. You were awesome. Anyone who uses you won’t be disappointed. -Carson Martin & Kevin Wade

-Killer Disc Jockey set up great sound really filled the room. -Kara & Patrick Risner

-Your Disc Jockey was first rate and so considerate of the two of us. -Tonya & Mike Moore

-Fun fun fun it never stopped. -Anna Rust & Allen Wright

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-What a great entertainer what a great effort. He pleased everyone regardless of age. -Tammi Canter

-All the ladies danced and so did the guys. The chairs were empty most of the night. -Mae Hackman

-We are still laughing about the whole Twist and Shout routine. -Sharon & Brent Paff

-You got everybody up without having to play any trash. It worked out so well. -Mr & Mrs Michael Rollins

-Class. Pure class performance by your man. He was a huge part of the success of our wedding. -Lynn Mooney

-The bar probably ran outta beer because everyone was sweating from dancing so much. Sorry about it being so hot. I guess the AC couldnt keep up. -Nancy & Stanley Egan

-My friends would not stop talking about it when we got back from our honeymoon. What would I suggest on how you could do better? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. -Anessa Day

-You have a fan for life. 2 actually, me and my new husband. -Gina & Joel Pike

-My reception was the best ever and you made it possible. -Teri & Trey McCoy

-Wacked out fun. Sick fun time I’m too blitzed right now to write anything else. -Donna & Mikey Ferrell

-My husband and his buddies from college made complete fools out of themselves and loved every minute of it. LOL. -Laura & Ferd Oehlerny

-Fun never stopped. Sounds corny but it’s true. -Karla Everson & Mike Dunn

-We’ll see you again at our 50th anniversary party, thanks. -Theresa & Will Gregg

-From the first minute of our reception until the last, he was great. -Thomas Parton

-I made the right choice when I went with you guys. -Sus Scheper

-OMG We rocked the freakin house with your DJ. -Pamela Merritt

-What can I say, everything was really really good. -Debbie & Joshua Fay

-You need a reference? Call me. You got it. -Dr. Marie Dusing

-You deserve entertainer of the year award. You can motivate a crowd that’s for sure. -Katlynn Bell

-You should do everybody’s wedding. -Jimmy & Donna Beaty

-Good Great Awesome Terrific Job Loved the DJ. -Amy Anderson

-Hate that the party is over I could have danced til dawn. -Rikki Bauder

-All my expectations were met and I had high expectations. -Monica Arnold

-This was the best DJ party I have ever gone to. -Wade & Jennie Frey

-I could write for an hour about how good this was, but I won’t I will just say “Thanks”. -Christina & Kent Duggins

-DJ was very funny on the mic but still very classy. -Jennifer & Bob Muench

-Why not do it all over again next weekend? LOLOLOL. -Holly & Seth Ellis

-Billy Joel to Lady Gaga, he played everything we asked for. -Casey & Elizabeth Oliveria

-Your office staff people were so nice and the Disc Jockey was just as nice. -Hollie & Virgil Feldman

-The tempo was just right the whole time. Started off easy and ended so strong. -Mr & Mrs. Kenneth Becknell

-My DeeJay was so sweet with all the problems we had with the schedule. He made it all work. -Kristie Carter

-The upbeat dance tunes really kept everyone up and boogieing. -Mr & Mrs Ben Gilligan

-We got a terrific deal for the amount you charged us. -Marly Davidson & Chris

-I love all you guys. My DJ and your office person were super helpful. -Melissa & Dean Evans

-Andy and I are so grateful for all you did for us. -Ian & Angie Goff

-When can we do this again? Goooood tunes, fun times. -Julie & William Drake

-We are so pleased and want to use you again in the future. -Jeremy & Wanda Willis

-We will recommend you to anyone who needs a DJ. -Mr & Mrs Carl Williams

-The hubby and I just want to say thanks 1000 times over. -Leesa Synder

-Everybody danced and we got a good deal on your dj company. -Diana Pellman

-My parents said that it was the best part of the wedding. -Cindy Nagel

-You helped make our event a success. Thanks again for everything. -Kathy & Gene Smith

-Give this guy a raise he’s worth it all the way. -Lester & Kim Weber

-We and our guests danced all night to such great songs. -Glenda & Dustin Short

-Steve and I want to say how pleased we are. -Gina Guthman

-Man I couldn’t do this more than once in a lifetime. I’m exhausted from dancing. -Felicia Simpson

-I should have brought old shoes. I danced so much my feet hurt. -Beth & Leon Sippel

-I thanked my husband because he’s the one who hired you. -Susie Woods-Wyse

-We made a good choice when we hired you guys. -Kristi & Shane Ammann

-My dj played a perfect mix of music for everyone. -Sarah & Oscar Behm

-All ages were there and all of them danced and had fun. -Carol Annett

-Everyone commented on how the Disc Jockey really made the party fun. -Erin Stoddard & Cal Ridge

-We will tell all our friends about your DJ. -Molly Swanson & husband Darrell

-He made the party work. Pure and simple. -John Silvers

-My Dee Jay (Spelling?) was absolutely the best in town. -Joan & Cliff Werner

-Guests were commenting on his music selections being so varied and appropriate at all times. -Gabbie & Lester Smalls

-We were well taken care of by all our vendors especially the DJ. -Tammy & Al Johnson

-We would hire you again in a New Your New York minute. The chorus line was a blast. -Dwight & Sherry Hill

-I danced my butt off and so did my friends. They didn’t shut up about it for a month. Lol. -Jared & Kathy Hartman

-We will recommend your services to everyone we know. The DJ was first rate and a lot of fun for everyone. -Jamie & Neil Hubbard

-I would have paid much more and still felt I had gotten a good deal. Terrific DJ! -Tammy & Brad Johnson

We look forward to you being one of our happy customers!

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Check Availability and Receive a
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