Want to Join Our Team?

For DJ’s Wishing to Work with Us:

Just as we tell our potential clients, we don’t try to be the biggest, the best, or the cheapest. Rather, we focus on Quality and don’t compare ourselves with others unfairly. We are confident in the service we provide for the price that we charge. Everyone in our organization must always treat others with respect. Whether that be a client or a competitor, we wish everyone much success. We seek one goal: 100% Client Satisfaction. Again, to ask about working with us, email us at support@discjockeysnow.com

Our List of Musts:

• You must be a person who strives for 100% client satisfaction, every show, every time.

• You must have at least 8 years experience as a WEDDING DJ. We make a “No Trainee Pledge” and we keep it.

• You must be someone who can motivate others to have FUN through your personality, music mix, reading the crowd and honouring the clients’ wishes.

• You must be someone who is ALWAYS on time and arrives a full 75 minutes in advance, not 60. Also, we start music 15 minutes early if the client wants us to.

• You must possess a broad knowledge of all types of music. We play what our clients want to hear, Not what we want to hear.
• You must be professional at all times with the client and with our friends in this business: hall managers, caterers, photographers, etc. NO drinking or smoking at events.

• You must respect the decorum of ceremonies and the clergy who perform them.

• You must own a sound system, music, wireless mic and dance lights. Please note: We never use fog, bubbles or props. We want our clients to be the stars of the show.

• You must own a reliable insured vehicle.
We apologize if these “Musts” offend you in any way. We hope you understand and wish you much success, with us or otherwise. Take care of yourselves and those you love!
Privacy Policy 
Your Info is NEVER Shared with Anyone, Ever. Guaranteed.
We hope you like our easy to use website. We know you’ll love our service!
Michael & Steve
Disc Jockeys Now
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