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Quality: Don’t listen to us on this one. Check out our references. We list hundreds on our website and our DJ’s have earned thousands more over the years. A great DJ guarantees you a quality performance.

Guaranteed Performance: Wow are we different on this one! We don’t just guarantee it, we let YOU CONTROL IT. Only we can make this claim: Our DJ does not get paid unless you say so! That’s right! Before the event we email you a PAYMENT VOUCHER NUMBER and after your event, you give him that number only if he pleased you. If not we’ll touch base later when it’s convenient for you to discuss it.

Value: A $200.00 DJ is no bargain if he ruins your event. A $2000.00 DJ? Half is for his EGO. Some common sense here please: You need a great DJ at a great price. That’s what we do, and that’s why we are so successful.

Selection: You decide what songs our Disc Jockey plays. Pick from our huge online songlist. Just pick a few or browse for hours. You decide.

Experience: Our DJ’s are qualified, trained professionals who take good care of their sound systems because they belong to them, so you don’t have to worry about breakdowns or poor sound. Just quality sound from the music and the mic. And our NO TRAINEE PLEDGE: We never send a trainee to anyone’s event EVER. Wouldn’t you rather your event be the DJ’s 300th and not his third?

Confidence: Why hire a photographer when a friend can use their cell phone camera? Using a cheap DJ is just as crazy. You need professionals; from your Photographer to your DJ. There’s not much worse than standing at the altar worried about that $200 DJ not showing up at the reception. Go with a professional and you’ll have the confidence to live in the moment, YOUR moment of a lifetime at the altar.


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The information collected by Disc Jockeys Now on this site is for the purpose of our offering DJ and videotaping services to you. All info is 100% confidential and will not be shared with anyone, ever. If you wish to opt out of any future communication, simply email us at support@discjockeysnow.com