About Us

At Disc Jockeys Now we are not trying to be the biggest, nor the cheapest. We are not arrogant enough to claim that we are “the best in the world”. We would rather focus on Quality than volume and not compare ourselves with others unfairly. We are confident in the level of service and attention to detail that we provide our clients for the fair price that we charge. We demand that everyone in our organization from our event planning people to our DJ’s always treat others with respect. Whether that be a client or a competitor, we wish everyone much success and happiness. We have no goal of growing to be the largest DJ service in town and again we never claim that we are “The Best”. Who would judge or validate those statements anyway? And would a client really care? We certainly don’t. We seek one goal and one goal alone: 100% Client Satisfaction. That alone is our mission and that alone is our pledge to you our client.

Steve and Mike
Disc Jockeys Now